The Most Mouthwatering Taco Trucks in America



Everyone loves a good food truck. Convenient, open late and full of surprisingly good flavor combos—it’s no wonder they’ve taken the culinary scene by storm in recent years. Now make it a taco truck? That’s even better. Here are five of the best taco trucks in America. Get ready to chow down, no fork necessary.

1. Taqueria La Hacienda—Phoenix
West coasters will argue that Arizona and California have the best tacos in the country. And we don’t disagree. Taqueria La Hacienda in Phoenix offers classic street tacos that consistently wow their customers. Your choice of meat is served on corn tortillas with plenty of sides including fresh lettuce, lime wedges, crispy cucumber slices and a green chile pepper.
We recommend: Carne Asada Taco

2. Mariscos Jalisco—Los Angeles
You might assume a food truck wouldn’t offer much in the way of seafood, but Mariscos Jalisco in L.A. would prove you wrong. Mariscos is a Spanish word that means seafood, and Jalisco is a state in western Mexico. Their menu is extensive and even includes octopus and oysters. The shrimp taco is completely fried and served with creamy avocado slices.
We recommend: Their signature dish, the Shrimp Taco.

3. Cucina Zapata—Philadelphia
Now for something a little different. So you like tacos. Do you like Thai food? Ready to combine them? Cucina Zapata in Philly does just that with their unique menu full of bold and exciting flavors. Their Thai Taco is a seasoned steak taco that comes with lettuce, carrots, apple, tomato, peanuts and red onions.
We recommend: The Cap’n Crunch-Crusted Tilapia Burrito, because go big or go homehome

4. Super Tacos—New York
Super Tacos in New York is a reliably delicious food truck with tons of options. The tacos are served on two warm corn tortillas with nearly a dozen meats from which to choose. They come with cilantro, white onion and tomatoes. No frills deliciousness.
We recommend: The Al Pastor Taco, roasted red meat porkpork

5. Torchy’s Tacos—16 locations, mostly in Texas
Damn good tacos is their slogan, and Torchy’s Tacos delivers. Loyal customers will tell you everything on their menu is great, including the breakfast tacos. Order something “trashy” and they’ll replace the lettuce with queso. Are you kidding? A taco covered in cheese—where do we get in line?
We recommend: Trailer Park Taco (fried chicken, green chiles and topped with poblano sauce)


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